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The H2Go Pro Waterproof Socks are engineered for a singular purpose, to keep your feet dry when you are riding in rain on the highway or crossing a river in the mountains.

Riding in monsoon is an amazing experience, but no one likes wet feet. Wet feet dampen your spirits. Dry feet let you immerse yourself in your adventure.

Now, with H2Go Pro Waterproof Socks, defy the elements and experience ultimate dry comfort.


Drycore Waterproof Technology: A 100% waterproof hydrophobic polyurethane (PU) membrane sandwiched between the inner and the outer layers keeps water out. Rated for water resistance of >5,000mm (Hydrostatic Head Test).
Breathable Construction: The same Drycore waterproof membrane that keeps water out assists in sweat and condensation management. The specialised construction of the waterproof membrane passively allows water vapour to diffuse through, but prevents water ingress; keeping you dry and cool at the same time.
MODULAYER Performance Layering System: Essentially, the H2Go Pro socks are a modular, independent waterproof layer for your feet. Unlike the integrated waterproof membrane in waterproof boots, you now have true freedom to choose when and how to add a waterproof layer.

Made for Motorcycling: The length/height of the H2Go Pro socks is designed specifically to be worn with even the tallest protective motorcycle boots, and keep your shin and calf free from chafing against the boot entry.
Tough Outer Layer: Made from a specialised blend of nylon, polyester and Spandex, the outer shell is designed to resist wear and increase the service life of the socks.
Coolmax Inner Layer: Made from a specialised blend of Coolmax, polyester and Spandex, the inner layer is designed for maximum comfort and blister-free use. Coolmax is highly moisture-wicking and breathable and helps you beat the heat.

Compression Fit: Ergonomically molded knit with 4-way stretch ensures the socks stay in place on your feet while providing an active fit.

Length/Height of the Socks: 40 cm (top of entry to corner of heel)
Length/Height of Drycore Waterproof Membrane: 30 cm
Waterproofing Intact: Wading in water less than 30 cm deep
Water Ingress Imminent: Wading in water more than 30 cm deep
Riding in Rain: Always wear waterproof rain pants to avoid water trickling down inside the socks
Legal Metrological Compliances

The H2Go Pro Waterproof Socks have a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase/delivery.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 13 × 4 cm





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